Visualization of automation systems

Visualization systems play a significant role in industrial automation. They influence the control of machine operation and the management of production processes. It is thanks to them that operators can manage certain parameters. The interfaces, which were created to facilitate human work, take the form of screens through which it is possible to enter various information into the system, as well as download the necessary production data. Guided by the specific needs of our customers, for data visualization we select such technology that will be most effective under specific conditions.

Visualization systems provide full control over all equipment. Not only do they inform about any failures that have occurred, but they are also able to archive data on past problems. An easy-to-use interface, providing the operator with hints on the most optimal solutions, as well as limiting the possibility of their making mistakes, are all factors that ensure comfort, which translates into making the most accurate and at the same time efficient decisions.

Whether a company is better off with operator panels or a more sophisticated SCADA system depends on individual needs. The expected sophistication of visualization should be determined. Operator panels allow cost-effective presentation of information at the expense of limitations in functional capabilities. A SCADA system, on the other hand, is often implemented where there are a very large number of industrial processes.

Whether the visualization is based on a SCADA system or operator panels, clear and well-thought-out screens are a key part of efficient operator work. Our specialists will help you choose the most optimal solution that will increase the efficiency and safety of all processes.