DCS systems

Distributed DCS control systems are responsible for controlling industrial processes, as well as their visualization. They are used primarily in large control systems. They are ideal where plant components are scattered over a larger area. SIEMIENS PCS7 is a modern distributed industrial process control system with a common database for control and visualization. The system is based on well-known and frequently used SIMATIC S7 components. The visualization system, on the other hand, is based on WinCC system components. For our customers, we can customize the size of the DCS based on current needs.

The PCS7 system ensures the highest level of quality. It allows you to make various types of modifications without having to stop all processes. In addition, it allows you to archive data related to the performance of parameter changes. The system’s functionalities also make it possible to eliminate possible errors when creating visualizations. SIEMENS PCS7 guarantees adequate flexibility, integration, as well as high performance, thus creating the right conditions for effective business operation.

DCS systems are useful primarily in those sectors where failures or downtime generate large financial losses. They are great for continuous processes, in larger industrial installations. The advantage of DCS systems is their consistency, as well as the quick programming and configuration process. Also, making changes to the system is easy, and the possibility of error is virtually eliminated.

We have very extensive experience in the design and implementation of automation systems implemented on the basis of DCS. We approach each task entrusted to us individually in order to offer you the highest quality.