Prefabrication of cabinets, object assemblies of control and instrumentation systems

Instrumentation and control systems are responsible for controlling certain physical processes. These various types of installations are designed to monitor the course of processes, as well as to control them if necessary. Control cabinets ensure the safe operation of equipment, protecting the equipment from the harmful effects of the external environment. They must be properly matched to the application, as well as to specific environmental conditions. We offer prefabrication services for cabinets, as well as field assembly of control and instrumentation systems. Our assembly and prefabrication work is guided by the highest standards to ensure safety and the highest quality.

Systems responsible for the proper operation of process lines, are advanced systems that control and regulate processes, and allow easy management of machines. Their important task is to supervise the operation of many other devices, so that the company can work efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. That’s why it’s so important that each component of the system is configured in the right way.

Extensive experience and specialized knowledge in the field of prefabrication of control cabinets and installation of control and instrumentation systems, allows us to create optimal and effective projects that contribute to increasing the safety of production processes, reducing the risk of any malfunctions, as well as maintaining specific parameter values, such as current or voltage. We have the necessary certifications and qualifications that allow us to effectively carry out the assigned projects within the set deadline.