Design of automation systems

We design “tailor-made” systems that are fully adapted to the customer’s needs – starting from the development of technical assumptions, through the selection of appropriate control-measurement, executive or communication elements, to training in the operation of the automation system and warranty and post-warranty service. Our knowledge, passion and vast experience allow us to offer optimal solutions, which are characterized by the highest quality. Our priority is to design a system that best fits the specifics of a particular enterprise. That’s why before we start creating a project, we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the infrastructure, processes, as well as any expectations related to the functioning of the system.

Modern industrial automation systems ensure a high level of quality in the work performed. Thanks to them, the chances of making a mistake caused by the so-called human factor are minimized. This makes it possible for employees to focus more on performing their tasks, as well as on implementing other important issues related to the proper functioning of the company and its development. When designing automation systems, very great attention should also be paid to ensuring safety, both for the people working and for the entire production lines.

We fully understand that the design of industrial automation systems is a highly individualized process that requires a strategy that is appropriately tailored to specific requirements, but also to the capabilities of the company, as well as the market situation. We offer comprehensive design services, from conducting a needs analysis and creating a concept to developing complete documentation and service.