Automation system migrations

In cases where installations have components that have already been discontinued , the company may experience problems such as downtime due to low availability of spare parts, limitations due to the inability to expand or integrate the system with modern automation systems, and higher costs that are caused by maintaining outdated installations. In such a situation, it makes sense to migrate automation systems. Our engineers have knowledge and extensive experience in preparing and implementing migration plans.

The implementation of system migration brings many benefits to the company. First of all, it allows you to increase production efficiency and ensure its safety at the highest possible level. Properly carried out migration of automation systems, significantly improves the company’s financial performance. The elimination of costs that are associated with maintaining an outdated system architecture translates into greater savings. What’s more, migration provides more efficient system management, easier control, as well as more effective diagnostics. Once it has been carried out, it is easy to integrate the automation system with modern technologies that are currently available on the market.

A properly executed system migration is preceded by an audit, during which an inventory of the current state is taken. Then a detailed plan is drawn up for carrying out the modification. Finally, hardware configuration, software conversion, software validation are carried out and the new system is installed, which is still checked for proper operation after startup. The customer receives a set of detailed documentation, and operators are trained on how to use the upgraded system.

Our experienced specialists will prepare the most effective migration strategy for you.