Virtualization of automation systems

Currently, more and more manufacturing companies are choosing to implement projects that use virtualization techniques. It involves reducing the number of physical servers and at the same time replacing them with virtual servers. The result of doing this is to get a system that consumes less electricity and is also much more reliable. Both virtualization of existing environments and implementation of new virtualization systems are one of the specialties of our experienced engineers, who will select the most optimal solutions for you.

The decision to implement virtualization is associated with many benefits – both operational and economic. In the event of a server failure, its tasks can be taken over by another virtual server, so that the company retains constant access to software resources.  In a situation where hardware needs to be replaced, the migration of applications is much more efficient and faster. Moreover, less hardware, as well as reduced heat emission, result in lower power consumption. Consequently, the costs spent on hardware are reduced.

Among the advantages of implementing virtualization is the ability to create virtual systems on replacement servers. In such a situation, only later the transfer to the target server takes place. As a result, the startup time of the application is much shorter. In comparison, in the case of real servers, the deployment occurs only when the company is already in possession of previously ordered servers.

Our experienced specialists will help you choose the most pertinent solution that will meet your goals to the highest degree.